Belmont Moss Roof Cleaning Service

Moss Removal, Soft Washing, and Roof Cleaning for Colorbond, Terracotta, Slate, Cement Tiles, Laserlight, and Solar Panels.

Belmont is full of new and old homes consisting of Terracotta Tiled and Colorbond roofs which have accumulated moss, mould & lichen growth over the years. Beautiful suburb overlooking the Geelong Region with most homeowners proud to upkeep the their homes including roof maintenance. A common suburb where MRT has completed many moss treatments.

Today we are viewing a Moss Roof Treatment application at a Terracotta tiled roof in Highton - Geelong - Victoria. These tiles are glazed terracotta tiles and can be tricky to navigate and clean. Using Soft washing we able to treat the moss from ladders without having to risk walking on the roof and accidently break/disturb tiles. The moss, once treated will die within 2-3 weeks changing to a brown/yellowish colour. This means the moss, mould and lichen are dead as well as the spores causing the growth. From here on, the moss will begin to break down and wash away overtime with the assistance of the wind and rain. We allow 12-18 months for terracotta tiled roofs to become clean.

Preserving Belmont's Roofing Heritage: Expert Moss Removal and Soft Washing Solutions.

Belmont's charming streets are lined with a mix of modern residences and historic homes, each adorned with Terracotta Tiled or Colorbond roofs that add character to the neighborhood. However, over time, these roofs have fallen victim to the accumulation of moss, mold, and lichen, detracting from the area's natural beauty. Situated in the scenic Geelong Region, Belmont boasts breathtaking views that inspire homeowners to take pride in maintaining their properties, including regular roof upkeep. It's a common sight to see residents investing in moss treatments to restore their roofs to their former glory. MRT has been a trusted partner in this endeavor, completing numerous moss treatments across the suburb, contributing to the preservation of Belmont's picturesque landscape and ensuring that its homes remain a source of pride for generations to come.

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